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The Rangecooker Showroom   0208 866 8000

What does it all mean?

Each Rangemaster Oven has a range of features, some of which you may not have come across before. The following describes each feature.


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Cook healthy food Japanese-style with the unique Teppanyaki-style griddle plate that fits snugly over the burners. It is also coated for non-stick easy cleaning.

Immensely powerful and controllable, the wok ring boasts a triple-burner, often used with a handy cast iron cradle to keep the wok safely in position.

Positioned on smooth-action telescopic runners, our glide-out grill does exactly that. Not only is it easier to check up on your food as it's grilling but it's also safer as it reduces the risk of pulling the grill out too far.

Made from robust cast aluminium, the griddle plate sits snugly on top of the hob, when required. The flat plate is ideal for cooking bacon and French toast, while the grooved plate provides fat drainage, offering a healthier way to sear steaks, burgers and fish.


The multifunction oven offers seven functions for really flexible cooking. From crisping up the base of your pizza to browning your favourite pasta dish!


Functions include:


  • DEFROST - An incredibly safe way to speed up the defrosting process, as it uses the fan to circulate unheated air, so won't accidentally cook the food like a microwave can.

  • FAN OVEN - A fan oven draws air from the interior of the oven, heats it up and forces it back into the cavity again. The heat within a fan oven is evenly distributed for multi-level cooking.

  • FANNED GRILLING - Enables the door to be closed while grilling, which grills food more evenly, while preventing cooking smells from permeating the room.

  • FAN ASSISTED OVEN - Utilising the conventional oven elements alongside the fan, this produces zoned cooking with the hottest zone being featured at the top of the oven.

  • CONVENTIONAL OVEN - This traditional cooking method uses heat sourced from both the top and bottom of the oven, which results in a natural convection process that centres the heat in the top of the oven.

  • BROWNING ELEMENT - Great for browning off pasta or dishes that are topped with cheese to create a perfect finish to your dish.

  • BASE HEAT - Using the lower element only, this cooking method is often used for slow-cooking casseroles and can also be used to give a crispy base to your pizza.



Tall and slim, this cleverly shaped fan ovens have been designed to accommodate four roast chickens at once, achieving the most economical yet functional use of space ever.


Unique to Rangemaster, this innovative grilling tray attaches to the inside of the oven door, pulling out into view when the door is opened for safe and easily accessible closed door grilling.


Choose between two ceramic 1.1 kW cooking zones, or slot a durable non-stick griddle plate over the top to provide a healthy cooking surface.

Rapid Response preheats the oven 30% faster than a fan oven, so you don't waste time waiting for the temperature light to go out before you can get cooking. Rangemaster tests show that you can place chilled foods in a cold oven, select Rapid Response, and get the same results as starting with a preheated oven.

No more scorching your hands on the oven cavity when you reach in for your roast. The Handyrack is similar to the Handygrill and attaches to the main door, pulling the roasting tray out.


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