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The Rangecooker Showroom   0208 866 8000

Britannia Built-In Range

Britannia built-in ovens are available in 60cm or 90cm, single or double. These can be combined with a Britannia hob for range style cooking - with the convenience of built-in.


Britannia has a large selection of hobs to match their ovens. Choose induction or gas in sizes up to 120cm wide or create your personalized hob cooking area with a modular hob.


Britannia have designed a selection of built-in hobs suitable for any kitchen style.
Britannia professional gas hobs are available in 90cm and 120cm and are designed with quality, durability and functionality in mind. The professional hob sits directly within the worktop area, so there is no need to cut a hole in your expensive work surface. At either side of the hob the worktop edges will sit flush against the hob.
There are eight gas hobs to choose comprising 60cm, 70cm and 90cm models. One of these options contains the Chef Top which is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is a versatile hob that retains food's flavour and is a very healthy way to cook.
Cooking with an Induction hob puts precision at your fingertips. Place a pan with a ferrous base on the hob, switch on the zone and a coil underneath the ceramic surface creates a powerful electromagnetic field which induces a current and generates heat almost directly into the pan.
The ability to control the power with precision makes induction perfect for all types of cooking. The cooking surface is cool in operation and only generates heat where the pan sits. As soon as you take the pan off, heat generation stops. Clean, cool, controllable – that’s induction cooking.
Finally, Britannia have designed a selection of modular hobs that are extremely practical and efficient. You can transform your worktop into your own individual cooking zone by mix and matching them to satisfy your particular requirements. The options are a wok gas hob, a two burner gas hob, a ceramic hob, an electric BBQ hob, an electric griddle hob and an electric deep fat fryer.


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