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The Beauty of Bespoke Kitchen Design

Vincent Cullane Vincent Cullane

Vincent Cullane is the creative director of Increation, a London based design and build firm that offers bespoke interiors.

With over ten years’ experience as a high-end residential design and build company, they pride themselves on the elegant craftsmanship that lies at the heart of everything they do.

Vincent takes design inspiration from a range of sources to create bespoke kitchen design solutions that are truly unique, down to the smallest detail.

Interior design expert, Vincent Cullane, on finding inspiration in everyday life and kitchen design trends in 2013.

Passion for Design

Vincent fell in love with design at the very start of his career. Now he prides himself on the unique designs he creates especially for his clients.

“I started out as a cabinet maker and have always had a passion for furniture design.  As the scale of the work I was producing grew, I evolved into designing interiors. Increation really has now become a vehicle for everything design.

I am passionate about so much in design, but in particular I love creating specific solutions based around a person’s particular taste. When a design fits around a person, then it’s good design.”

I’m inspired by the World around Me

Vincent gains his inspiration for interior design from all sorts of places. It’s his curiosity about the world around him that fuels his wonderful creations.

“Seeing what ingenious design solutions are around us day in, day out is a real marvel.  I really do get inspiration from the world around me, be it a classic architectural landscape from the 1900s or some simplicity from the present day.”

Kitchen Design Trends in 2013

One thing that design is not, says Vincent, is static. Over the years, he’s seen different styles come and go in the world of interiors.

“We have seen a shift from the popularity of clinical or industrial design in the last decade into spaces with a far warmer feel.  Designs still incorporate bare woods and concretes, but they’re often now accompanied by temperate metals and warm fabrics,” he says.

People are now opting for a warmer feel in their kitchen People are now opting for a warmer feel in their kitchen

The recession has also left its mark on design, with people opting to redesign their homes rather than move out. It’s also resulted in another phenomenon – iceberg homes – where people extend underground to make the most of their space.

“We also noticed that the recession coupled with the recent boom in house prices in London and the south east really has made people think twice about moving.  For many high and ultra-high net worth individuals, remodelling their homes has been the perfect solution.  We’ve seen some iceberg homes populating west London too, with designers and architects looking for space wherever possible,” says Vincent.

Range Cookers Can Be an Integral Part of the Design

Purple cabinetry that complements the range cooker’s smart black finish Purple cabinetry that complements the range cooker’s smart black finish

From a design perspective, Range cookers are far more versatile than people realise.

“Not only are range cookers often chosen as design pieces to complement traditional country kitchens in the Home Counties, for example, but they can also be used to juxtapose more sleek and modern cabinetry in central London,” says Vincent.

He has just finished a project in which a range cooker played an important role.

“We recently completed a high-specification kitchen in north Wales.  The client was a keen cook and had a previously installed a Rangemaster, which became a key design consideration for the feel of the room to fit around.

“The black sheen of the range cooker needed to be paired with a particularly bold colour, so we completed the bespoke cabinetry using a gloss purple finish.”

Tips for Redesigning Your Kitchen

If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a facelift, Vincent has a few tips to help you get started.

“The first consideration is always to see what you want from your kitchen. Are you a budding chef who needs specific appliances or are you more of a socialite after that ‘wow’ space for an evening soiree?

“We ask our clients to compile a wish list that outlines what materials and colours are desired, and what general feel is to be achieved.

“The appliances are chosen quite early on in the process too, to allow the right look to be incorporated throughout the design. This also gives the client time to visit showrooms and pick them themselves or see the ones we've recommended.”


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